Reviva Labs DMAE Concentrate — 1 fl oz

Reviva Labs DMAE Concentrate — 1 fl oz


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Reviva Labs DMAE Concentrate — 1 fl oz

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Reviva Labs DMAE Concentrate Description

  • DMAE Helps Skin to Appear Tighter and Firmer
  • Helps Skin Appear More Youthful
  • Reviva’s DMAE Concentrate Offers High-Potency 5% DMAE Whereas Other Creams or Serums Generally Offer 1/2% to 1% DMAE
  • Firming

Higher-potency DMAE concentrate is ideal at helping skin to appear more firm and tone – especially the throat and facial area for a more supple, more youthful look.


Apply morning and night to face and throat. Can be used under creams.

Free Of

Animal testing.

Ingredients: Purified water, dmae bitartrate, sd alcohol, sodium polystyrene sulfonate, hydroxyethyl cellulose, algae extract (and) pullulan, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin.