MediNatura, T-Relief, Arnica + 12 , Muscles, Joint, Back, 2 oz (57 g)


  • Plant-Based Relief 
  • Arnica + 12 Plant-Based Pain Relievers
  • Lasting Pain Relief 
  • MedNatura
  • Cream
  • Homeopathic

Plant-Based Relief
Arnica is widely used for healing and pain after injuries. To arnica we add 12 plant-based pain relievers (like calendula, echinacea, hypericum, etc.) to further support your natural healing processes and provide a higher level of relief on more types of body pains including joint, back, muscle and nerve pain.
The organic, wild-harvest and natural ingredients in this remedy are at safe homeopathic levels. The cream is made with organic shea butter and organic aloe, organic coconut and organic safflowers oil.
Manufactured in a facility which is inspired by the FDA and strictly follows the FDA’s cGMP manufacturing practices.
Uses:  For the temporary relief of minor:

  • Muscular Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Nerve Pain
  • Arthritis Pain

Uso Sugerido

Twist off cap and remove foil seal. Adults and children 4 years and older: Apply generously to affected areas 2 to 3 times daily, or more often necessary. Massage thoroughly into the skin. If appropriate, mild compression or occlusive bandaging may be applied. For children under 4, consult your health professional.

Outros Ingredientes

Fatos de drogas
Cada 2 oz. (57 g) contém:
Ingredientes ativos

* Aconitum napellus 1X 0,05% Reduz a dor nas articulações
* Arnica montana 1X 2% Reduz a dor nas articulações
* Arnica montana 3X 2% Reduz a dor nas articulações
* Arnica montana 10X 0,05% Reduz a dor nas articulações
* Baptisia tinctoria 4X 1% Reduz dores musculares nas articulações
* Belladonna 2X 1% Reduz a dor nas costas
* Bellis perennis 2X 1% Alivia a dor muscular nas articulações
* Calendula officinalis 1X 2% Alivia a dor
* Chamomilla 2X 1% Alívio da dor calmante
* Echinacea 1X 1% Alivia a dor
* Hamamelis virginiana 2X 2% Alivia a dor muscular nas articulações
* Hypericum perforatum 6X 0,1% Reduz a dor do nervo
* Millefolium 2X 2% Alivia a dor
* Ruta graveolens 4X 2% Alivia a dor
* Symphytum officinale 4X 0,1% Alivia a dor nas articulações
*Ingredientes naturais
X é uma diluição homeopática.
Ingredientes inativos: Óleo de Aloe Orgânico (Aloe vera em Pó Orgânico, Óleo de Soja Orgânico, Vitamina E), Triglicérides Caprílico / Capric (de Cocos nucifera), Carragenina (alga Eucheuma processada), Óleo de Coco Orgânico, Etanol (de Cana Orgânica), Cártamo Orgânico Óleo, Manteiga de Karité Orgânica, Fenoxietanol (Conservante), Água Purificada, Poliacrilato de Sódio (Emulsificante), Natural de Semente de Girassol.


For external use only.
Do not apply over open wounds or broken skin. If symptoms persist or worsen, or if a rash develops, a health professional should be consulted. In rare cases, allergic skin reactions may develop. Do not use if known sensitivity to T-Relief or any of its ingredients exists. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use.

Tamper Evident:  Do not use if foil seal at mouth of tube is broken or missing.
Store at room temperature. Protect from light.
Please retain outer carton for full product instructions.

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