Hyland’s DEFEND™ Cold + Mucus Non-Drowsy — 4 fl oz


Hyland’s DEFEND™ Cold + Mucus Non-Drowsy — 4 fl oz

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Hyland’s DEFEND™ Cold + Mucus Non-Drowsy — 4 fl oz


Hyland’s DEFEND™ Cold + Mucus Non-Drowsy Description

  • NEW!
  • Since 1903
  • Non-Drowsy
  • Expectorant – Thins & Loosens Mucus in Chest, Throat and Nose
  • Natural, Safe & Effective Relief of:
    • Cough with Mucus
    • Nasal & Chest Congestion
  • Dye Free • Sugar Free • Less than 0.1% Alcohol


  • Works with your Body’s Natural Healing Process
  • Natural Active Ingredients
  • No Known Drug Interactions
  • Non-Habit Forming


Uses: Temporarily relieves symptoms of colds, including accumulation of mucus in chest, throat and nose; cough with expectoration of thick, discolored mucus, runny nose, sneezing and nasal congestion.

  • Measure only with the dosing cup provided
  • Do not use dosing cup with other products
  • On dosing cup, mL= milliliter, tsp= teaspoon

Adults and Children 12 years and over: 15 mL or 3 teaspoons up to 6 times per day (every 4 hours)

Children years to under 12 years: 10 mL or 2 teaspoons up to 6 times per day (every 4 hours)

Children 2 years to under 6 years: 5 mL or 1 teaspoon up to 6 times per day (every 4 hours)

Free Of

Sugar, dyes, artificial colors and flavors.

Ingredients: Active Ingredients:
Bryonia 6X HPUS (stubborn mucus in throat, cough with yellowish mucus)
Euphrasia Officinalis 6X HPUS (cough with mucus in chest)
Hepar Sulph Calc 12X HPUS (cough up mucus, mucus rattle with cough, stubborn mucus in chest)
Natrum Muriaticum 30X HPUS (accumulation of mucus in throat, cough up mucus)
Phosphorus 30X HPUS (cough with expectoration of yellow mucus, chest congestion)
Pulsatilla 6X HPUS (accumulation of mucus, discharge of thick yellowish mucus, loose cough)
Rumex Crispus 6X HPUS (runny nose, sneezing)
Silicea 12X HPUS (nasal congestion).
Inactive Ingredients: Citric acid, glycyrrhiza extract, purified water, sodium benzoate, vegetable glycerine.

“HPUS” indicates the active ingredients are in the official Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.