Gladrags Organic Undyed Day Pads — 3 Pack

Gladrags Organic Undyed Day Pads — 3 Pack


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Gladrags Organic Undyed Day Pads — 3 Pack

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Gladrags Organic Undyed Day Pads Description

  • Reusable Pads For Women
  • Made with Organically Grown Cotton
  • Made to Last for Years – Save up to $300 Within 5 Years
  • Protect Your Body Naturally with Breathable Cotton
  • Great For Women with Allergies or Chemical Sensitivities
  • Doctor Recommended
  • No Animal Testing

Sure. A reusable pad is a different idea – you might even think it’s gross. We thought so too – at first. Then we tried them and we’ve never gone back. Safe. Simple. Smart. Good for you, good for the environment – no plastics, no perfumes, no over-packaging.


Take time to reflect on your views and how they were formed. Think positively about your body and your period!


We’re women and we menstruate. Let’s use it as a time to enjoy who we are and reflect on the power we have as women.


This box contains:

3 day pads (3 holders + 6 inserts)


For one cycle we recommend:

6 to 12 day pads

1 to 3 night pads


  1. Securely snap the wings of your pad around your underwear.
  2. Change your pad every 2 to 6 hours or as needed.

To Wash:

Simply soak in cold water or prewash, then machine wash and dry. More detailed use and care instruction inside.

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