Fearn Soya Proteína Isolate 10 onças


Fearn Soya Proteína Isolate 10 onças

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Add the power of soy to your diet with Soya Protein Isolate from Fearn. 

Fearn creates Soya Protein Isolate using a water process for extraction, which retains all the natural nutritional properties from wholesome soybeans. Soy protein is one of the completely vegetarian sources able to provide all of the essential amino acids and is free of cholesterol. Soy protein also has a great deal of antioxidant capabilities and is a good supplement for meal replacement. 

Get your soy fix by adding Soya Protein Isolate by Fearn to blender drinks, smoothies, puddings, frozen deserts, spreads, beverages and much more. Avaialble today at a low price! 

Recomendações de uso: A shaker can be used to mix powder with liquids. A glass jar with a tight fitting lid works well as a shaker. A shaker works best when about half full. Pour the liquid into the shaker first. Then add the powder on top. Shake for about 20 seconds.