Nature’s Song Safflower Bird Seed — 4 lb

Nature’s Song Safflower Bird Seed — 4 lb

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Nature’s Song Safflower Bird Seed — 4 lb


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Nature’s Song Safflower Bird Seed Description

  • Premium
  • Attracts a Wide Variety of Birds

Welcome to Nature’s Song® World of Birding

Congratulations on your purchase of Nature’s Song® Wild Finch Seed. You have joined with millions of others who care for and nurture wild birds. Bird feeding is a great way to invite wildlife to your home and is a hobby the whole family can enjoy.

How to Attract Wild Birds

Wild birds like other forms of wildlife need food, shelter, water, and a safe haven. You have purchased a quality wild bird food that will be in high demand once your feathered friends find your feeding stations. You can begin feeding wild birds any time of the year. For best results, put your feeding stations in a dry area, yet away from the wind. Make sure that the area is close to a shelter such as a tree of a shrub, about 6 to 10 feet. Pick an area that has easy access. Try a feeder that is suspended or mounted and also a ground feeding tray – or better yet a natural log. Most importantly, place your feeding stations where you can watch and enjoy the birds throughout the entire day.

Be Patient

Attracting birds can become a great source of pleasure. But sometimes birds keep you waiting for a long time. If your feeder is new, expect several weeks before the birds come to visit. The first birds to arrive will be the most common species for your area. Others will eventually notice the commotion and join in.

Join birding enthusiasts all across the U.S. and Canada by feeding and caring for wild birds in your own yard. It’s a great activity for young and old alike and will spawn a lifelong interest and respect for nature. Enjoy watching and listening to one of nature’s own marvels all year long. Start feeding your wild birds today.


Feeding Directions: Fill feeders regularly with quality wild bird food. Remember to clean your feeders periodically and discard seed hulls and other debris. Provide a reliable source of fresh, clean water to encourage more birds to come to your feeders.

Storage: Close tightly, store in a cool, dry area.

Ingredients: Safflower Seed.
Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (minimum): 10%
Crude Fat (minimum): 22%
Crude Fiber (maximum): 38%