Larenim Mineral Makeup Fan escova 1 Pincel

Larenim Mineral Makeup Fan escova 1 Pincel

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Larenim Mineral Makeup Fan escova 1 Pincel


The Fan Brush from Larenim Mineral Makeup puts the finishing touch on your perfect makeup look for a radiant complexion. 

For a face that’s youthful, fresh and vibrant, it’s all about contouring. Using the Larenim Fan Brush, you can enhance the shape of the face, making cheekbones more prominent with a thin layer of a highlighter above and some bronzer below. You can also add definition to the brow bone and jaw line for a slimmer appearance. 

Who says you need to be born with a face like a Greek sculpture? Sculpt your best face with the Fan Brush from Larenim. Try it today and save!

Advertências: For external use only.

Notas: Cruelty-free.

RECOMMENDED USE: Apply blush, bronzer and highlighter shades with the Fan Brush. Brushes should last a lifetime if gently cared for. Wash with shampoo and let dry overnight at least every two weeks.