Fur Go Pet Large Dog Deshedder — 1 Unit

Fur Go Pet Large Dog Deshedder — 1 Unit

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Fur Go Pet Large Dog Deshedder — 1 Unit


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Fur Go Pet Large Dog Deshedder Description

  • Deshedder tool
  • For Dogs over 20 lbs
  • For Long and Short haired Dogs and Cats
  • Decreases shedding up to 90 percent for about 4 to 6 weeks

You’ve Got To Be Shedding Your Dog!


Something worth smiling about

Ready, Set, FurGOpet! for a healthier, happier pet and home.

Amazing results
Patented stainless steel edge quickly and easily removes more loose fur than any brush, rake or comb.

Less mess
Enjoy a cleaner house and clothes in just a few minutes a week.


Deshedding Tips


Getting the most out of your FurGOpet deshedder is important. Follow these simple tips to enjoying a nearly shed-free home.

1. Use your FurGOpet deshedder outdoors to keep loose fur out of your home.

2. Choose the right speed. Pets enjoy the feeling of the deshedder so find the stroke speed that your pet prefers.

3. Choose the right pressure. Make sure your deshedder is reaching the undercoat but don’t dig in too deep. Pets  have delicate skin, too!

4. Washing and drying your pet before using the deshedder can help. Be careful not to use the deshedder while the coat is still wet. This could cause more hair to be removed from the undercoat than necessary.

5. Wash off your FurGOpet deshedder when finished.

6. Always supervise children using this deshedder on pets.

7. Only use the FurGOpet deshedder on animal hair, not people hair!

8. You can use your new deshedder a few times a week or, if your pet’s coat dictates otherwise, you can wait 4 weeks before using again.